Australia 2011
#1 Question: WHAT did you do in Australia??
Barramundi Fishing!!
Rock Climbing!!
Sunset Cruises!!
Sunbathing & Swimming!!
LOTS of Cleaning!!
Aboriginal Rock Art Studys!
Bush Walks!!
~~~Mt. Borradaile~~~
Davidsons Arnhemland Safari Lodge
A Bush Camp in the Northern Territory!!
Staff Barbies!!
#2 Question: WHERE did you go in Australia??
I had to fly to Sydney and then another 5 hour flight up to Darwin. THEN, finally a 1 hour flight (East) out to camp!  This is my arrival on our dirt landing strip!
This is MY tent and yes, I was alone!
Hopefully, I can talk Ron into this SOMEDAY!?!?
~~~A Glorious & Magical Moment~~~
Top of a high "Aboriginal Sacred Site" overlooking the vast flood plain, with the wind in my face!!
#3 Question: WERE you alone??
DEBBY'S  little creek!!
As often as possible, I would walk about 2 km to lay IN the creek and read a book!

BUT, not ALWAYS alone!!
...our staff became "family" to me, and I was heartbroken to leave them after 6 weeks!!
Mirra - Cook
Clare - Guide
On this particular day, we were on a staff barbie and hiked up high to a croc free area to play in the water!
Kate - Guide
Leonne - Cabin/Laundry Help (I took her place)
Enjoying a sunset cruise!
Mirra - Cook
After riding with Clare to check on the grasshoppers following a nearby fire, Mirra and I asked her to leave us at the swimming hole for the day!  In the late afternoon, we walked 45 minutes back to camp... hot & sunburned!!
Kate -  Guide
Mirra - Cook
The 3 of us went "scouting" for a place to photograph the sunrise the next morning!!

See below...  we actually climbed up HIGH on the rocks behind me!
I spent a lot of time with Clare and grew to love her like a daughter. She's in her mid-20's and can fix the jeeps and boats, change tires, find/spot/explain birds and wildlife, is a knowledgable and friendly guide with the guests/tourists, knows the fauna and flora, cooks delicious tucker, and she pretty's up in a sundress in the evening!  Oh, AND she saved me from falling OFF a cliff ledge once!!  :-O
#4  Question: DID you see a lot of wildlife??
~~~LOTS of Spiders ~~~
(the spider above had completely covered itself in a thick web about 2 hours after I had finished using this basket!!)

the spider below was greeting me on the outside of my tent :-O
~~~Rock Wallabies~~~
~~~LOTS of BIG saltwater and freshwater crocs~~~
~~~Scorpians ~~~
(this one was in my shower!)
~~~ VICIOUS Mosquitos & Other Biters/Stingers/Pinchers/Itchies ~~~
~~~ Kookaburras ~~~
~~~ Water Monitors ~~~
~~~ Exploring ~~~
~~~ Jabiru's ~~~
~~~ Cockatoos ~~~
#5 Question: What were your favorite things about the bushcamp??
~~~ Wild Pigs ~~~
REALLY!!  We had hunters come out to camp JUST for the abundant pig shooting! 
~~~ Leichardt Grasshoppers ~~~
~~~ Staff Barbies & Parties ~~~
~~~ OK... This IS the truth!  No guests were in camp, so controlled fires were started and WE were the fire team!!  Below is our firetruck (SERIOUS)!!!!  ~~~
#6 Question: Was there anything you didn't like??
YES!!!   Having to leave....   :-{ 
It was a 5 hour drive back to Darwin! Our camp road is 40km long, and then you reach the MAIN road (which is dirt) LOL!!  Also, notice the picture above as we drive through a river... see the croc by the road on the left??
Back in Darwin with 2 of my favorite men in the whole world!!
Max Davidson, the founder and owner of camp and Ray Curry, the camps "heartbeat" & manager  !!


Davidson's Arnhemland Safari Lodge

61 8 8927 5240
While passing through Sydney the first time, I visited with the Beale family!
(friends from the Ms. Statendam)
On my way home to Florida, I had to stop in Sydney again, SOOO...
I took 2  FABULOUS beach walks AND.... 

I challenged myself to
Sydney Harbour Bridge!!  WOO HOO!!! 
I ate barramundi AS MUCH as possible!!!    hmm!!!