I'm LOVING my new luggage this year! WOO HOO!
Scheveningen, Holland 2011
My favorite thing to do is ride my bike through the glorious flower fields.. spectacular!!
MANY MANY MANY hours were spent in the
Den Haag library! It's about a 20 minute ride on my bike and the music collection is BEYOND words!!
I added about 200 new songs to my play list!!
The beautiful Japanese gardens
Working hard???  haha...  hardly working!! 
I am the luckiest lady in the world to have so many DEAR DEAR friends around the world to love! 
I cherish each of them with all my heart and I realize how fortunate I am to know such lovely people !
I was thrilled to do a photo shoot and then be chosen as the cover for this magazine. More than 40 5-star European hotels had these in their rooms!
I am REALLY Dutch now...  I crashed my bike!!
The black on my teeth is asphalt AND my tooth went all the way through my lower lip! OUCH!!!
Ron - My wonderful husband and partner in life!!
Always loving and supportive to me and my endeavors!