36 Day Cruise aboard the beautiful

Holland, France, Spain, Belgium, England,
Scotland, Faroe Islands, Icelands, Artic Circle, Norway
First things first... a sad attempt at cleaning the nicotine off the cabin walls. This micro mini, one person (one bed) cabin STUNK worse then ANY ashtray you've ever smelled!   Thank goodness it was only for 1 night, and then we got a room relocation.. bunk beds!!
Hey, better then sleeping on the floor again!
Welcome Aboard HOB- Ron!!  (Husband On Board) Goodbye Amsterdam, we'll be back in 36 days!
My workplace was the Crow's Nest. This "room with a view" sits at the top, forward of the ship. As Gershwin would say...
"who could ask for anything more"??
Bordeaux, France
A Coruna, Spain
Lorient, France
The Bay of Biscay was nasty and rough both times we crossed it. I was eating seasick pills on a regular basis! 
A ship error forced 21 family/friends off the ship in France.  Only 4 were allowed to return and here is Ron with his "harem" when they returned 2 days later in Bilbao, Spain!
A Great Perk!
Ron & volunteered to be tour escorts at every port. Sometimes we were selected!!  Yipee!!
BIlbao, Spain & the very cool Guggenheim Museum
Most of the really good pictures you see were taken by Ron on his nice Nikon... I go for the compact stuff as you can see here!  And, see the Prinsendam in the background? Nice shot, Ron!
Guernsey, UK
Both our tours stopped at the same farm house for lunch... yes, I (#7 tour escort) was hitting on the #3 tour escort!! haha!
Vlissingen, Netherlands

We rented bikes so I could share riding the Holland way with Ron.
My Belgium friends, Leen and Lieve drove 2 hours to visit us for the afternoon!! How awesome!!
Tilbury (London), England
A long and rather scary walk through a raggy ship port area... a stranger said we were going the right way and don't be afraid! hah.. but FINALLY, we found the Ship & Lobster and were definately the ONLY non-locals there. Lynne & Roy gave us a ride back to town AND took us to their yachting club for another round of drinks! What a day! 
Ship Fun!

Brett & Calvin
Bartenders.. Jon Gregory, Gil & Jay
The new & improved "deluxe" room!
ha ha ha ha ha!
Eating my way through Tilbury.. before drinking my way out!!